Year One, Nearly Done

It’s the Sunday before PocketGamer Connects and Games Forum in London. I’m packing my ‘capsule’ wardrobe alongside my laptop, iPad and all those bloody leads you need to carry everywhere with you! There’s hardly room for my lucky teddy (‘Wedgewood’ as you asked). 

A year earlier, as I packed for the same event, I was a lot more anxious. HeyStephenHey was not even launched yet. Yes, I had my boxes of Moo cards, and an idea, and hope. But there was no concrete sign that I could find the contacts, convince them to give me a try, deliver on my promise, and earn enough money to pay the mortgage and feed Wedgewood. 

Today, though I am not complacent by any means, I know that I have a track record that I can talk about with potential clients. I know that I don’t need to panic that I haven’t filled every appointment slot. I know that it doesn’t even matter that some months look scarily unfurnished with outgoing invoices! 

I know all this because HeyStephenHey is a business now. I’m not quite Apple (yet) but there is business there. There’s even repeat business, with clients returning for help with new games. Plus, there’s the magic thing where friends and industry types refer me to new people which is completely lovely. And, occasionally, people have even found me via my website, LinkedIn profiles and blogs like this. 

So to anyone in the position I was a year ago, or even if you are just contemplating going out on your own, please do it. I’m not guaranteeing success, or that you will be lucky enough to have the support that I’ve had, but I think you’ll surprise yourself and you’ll be surprised at how supportive others are. And if you are lucky, like me, you’ll love the new world you inhabit, the freedom, the satisfaction of making a real contribution to every project and the things you’ll learn about packing to make your entire wardrobe into one backpack!