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What other services does Stephen offer? Here’s a more complete list but be warned, the list below contains traces of marketing speak, for that we apologise, but Stephen generally speaks English most of the time.


Marketing and Brand Management

  • Devising marketing and brand strategy
  • Creating realistic and comprehensive marketing plans
  • Earned and paid user acquisition campaigns
  • Live service marketing operations and planning
  • Branding – name generation and testing, development of brand guidelines and materials
  • Metadata – briefing, testing and optimising metatdata to create effective marketing materials
  • Creative briefing – working with creative teams and agencies to deliver video or static assets
  • Market Research – from desk based research to commissioning bespoke reports
  • Pitching - preparing and presenting powerful pitches to platform holders and other key third parties
  • Briefing and working with creatives, media agencies or other vendors to get the best possible results
  • Social media, influencer and community management

Corporate & commercial

  • Corporate Identity – strategy and execution
  • Relationship building, partnership creation, and pitch building
  • Content discovery and curation
  • Creation, structuring and mentoring of marketing teams

Product Strategy

  • Creating product marketing ‘visions’ setting out market requirements and direction for games in development
  • Creating ‘best practice’ for B2C or B2B marketing strategies
  • Consumer profiling – describing a tangible target market for your product
  • Determining marketing, PR and social angles during the development process
  • Devising narrative structure for titles to drive marketing, pre and post launch
  • In-game messaging and merchandising – best practice for maximum effectiveness
  • Culturalisation of content and presentation assets for western audiences


  • Workshops in marketing strategy & execution
  • One to one, or single company mentoring
  • Guest lectures, in person or remote